Words Along the Way

Words have spirit.  We speak our own future and then live in it.


This website was brought about by the desire to see New Zealand / Aotearoa as being of one people.  The desired type of ‘one’, of course is not achieved by organised or denominated religion, nor by politics. It is a oneness in the sense that all people are different and have their own individual identity, naturally respecting and accepting all others for who they are as individuals. This is not achieved by intellectual laws or rules of living, but simply by an inner common sense, free from oppression and controls.  

Wisdom is obtained from an understanding gained through the experience of life and age, and not by academic qualifications or politics. And it is written of Wisdom as being Love.  When we take away the future promises of religion, and the examples of past heroes that we are expected to live up to, it appears that we are no longer in time, and we realise that we have always existed as though we are eternal.  Our thoughts and words of the past are powerful, and have gotten us into one big big mess.

It is now July 2020, and the idea is to place here some content that may help individuals gain more understanding and freedom as we break through into this new age, so please hang on in there. I have been writing notes for many years, trying to formulate and write the journey through time in a lineal sequence, but that just does not appear possible, as everything seems to overlay and weave itself into the one only picture.

The GaryWords vlogs given in the Categories and in ‘Recent Posts’ at this page top, are items on YouTube and are spoken word, so that the thought behind the words may be seen more easily. All these items will be described and linked to from this website (oneonly.co.nz), and content will build to include many and various topics in New Zealand and some on the United States and maybe elsewhere.  The U.S. influence is quite prominent here at the moment, and I find it easier to see more clearly our own circumstances after looking at the policies and the play in the United States. It is obviously that the same old story of not being able to see the wood for the trees still prevails.