A Chronological List of some Books and other References

[The terms used here and the wording of the book titles will be new to most readers, but keep on reading and as the reader will realize that although the topics are of past events, they are relevant in that much of the content shows the path to the condition in which we find the Earth and world today.]

The books below are listed close to the order that they became available to me during the past 30 years or so, inspiring in that time and now. There were three books that first quickened to me:

An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages (abt. 1960) by William Marrion Branham. This book identified to me the ‘reformers’ (the angels or messengers (men) of the Book of Revelation), and gave their natures and the sequence and dates between which their influence appeared on the Earth during the past 2000 years. It was from this understanding that New Zealand history could be placed into a purposeful order, the spirit and nature of events in these next two books lined up perfectly:

Christianity Amongst the New Zealanders, William Williams, published in 1867, and,
The Life of a Henry Williams, Archdeacon of Waimate (two volumes) by Hugh Carleton (1874). The full text of these books is now available online (should be free download – they should be original works, unedited by others).

A Dictionary of the New-Zealand Language and a Concise Grammar; to which are added a Selection of Colloquial Sentences by William Williams, B.A. Archdeacon of Waiapu. Paihia 1844. Copies online and in E-Books.

A Dictionary of the Maori Language, Herbert W. Williams, M.A. 7th Edition 1971. A.R. Shearer, Govt. Printer, Wellington

Tuwharetoa, A History of the Maori People of the Taupo District (1957) by John te H. Grace.  Published by A. H. and A.W. Reed, Wellington is an interesting book.

What is Tangata Maori? A S Atkinson – Polynesian Society” A.S. Atkinson 1892 – four pages from the Journal of The Polynesian Society Vol.1, No. 3, 1892.

There are books on the Maori ancestor gods and images of worship, Eldson Best’s
Tuhoe, The Children of the Mist (1925 – Volume 1) I found interesting, but study of the spirits, gods and imagery showed nothing much different to any other peoples no matter what country of origin – all a past world. A big lesson is being learnt here for Spiritual growth; there is one God Master and Author of all, and not multiple Gods of a particular peoples or religion, race division or barriers being non-existent.

Some Account of New Zealand, Particularly the Bay of Islands, and Surrounding Countryby John Savage 1807. This is a really interesting (not large) book to read – the type that would be nice for a contemplative quite holiday or relax. Said to be the first book published on New Zealand since Captain Cook’s account. As an e-book online at archive.org.

The William Branham Ministry closed off the period of the Biblical Second Testament or Second Coming in 1963, and we have now entered another age, a third stage or Testament (the House of Aquarius if considering it through the Zodiac), so most of the younger people being born in the past generation or two can not be taken back into past denominational age thinking with any sincerity, they are just not born to receive it – there is no life in past religion.

The Witness of the Stars, E. W. Bullinger (reprint of the 1893 edition) is a good reference for the Zodiac symbols and understanding. For more of the unfolding Third Testament, the relationship of all things; ourselves, Earth, Supernatural awareness, Zodiac, the closing world order etc., then an introduction can be found here.

Ancient Celtic New Zealand (1999) by Martyn Doutré has been of great interest and gives a good introduction to many concepts I had not previously considered. I do not claim that Celts were in New Zealand first (I do not know), but his writings certainly offer a number of probable explanations to what I have seen as previously unexplainable.

[Will be adding to this list as pages/posts progress.]

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