GaryWords 04 – Watching Mr Trump

The following is a compiled from words spoken in the
8 minute 25 second vlog ‘Watching Mr. Trump‘.

In early 2015 I read Donald Trumps book ‘The Art of the Deal‘, which had been written some 25 years earlier.  Now this was before the last United States election, and it became quite apparent from the book that he was not racial at all. Of course since then the news media has pumped the man up to be something quite different than what he is in many areas.

At the same time it was becoming apparent that the United States was desperately wanting a change in political direction, a big change of direction. And I think that’s where Mr Trump fits in, because he doesn’t bow down a lot to others once his direction is determined.  It is unusual for a president not to have been deeply involved in the army or politics prior to his appointment, but what is more interesting, is that he is still very much of the same nature portrayed of himself in the book.

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GaryWords 03 – Viking Influence in Early New Zealand

There is an area locally where I live in New Zealand that has earthworks consisting of level terraces surrounding a hilltop with dugouts or pits set into the terraces, and there are other features here also including what definitely appears to be a dew pond, as would be found say in Ireland.  These earthworks were established here well before the relatively modern-day arrival of people from Europe or United Kingdom in the late 1700’s.

Over the years various individually renowned people in their fields have visited this area; archaeologists, historians, anthropologists and other, and in most or all instances, when on the site, and because of the sites similarity in earthworks between here and similar sites in the U.K., conversation goes immediately to the U.K. or England in particular,  and rarely if ever to Polynesia.  This has always had me puzzled. Celts, Normans and other cultures are mentioned.

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GaryWords 02 – May 25th 2020

This YouTube vlog I have named May 25th 2020 because an event in New Zealand certainly connects it to other events world-wide.  It was a memorable event in my own life, and I expect in many others, and began when I was watching a live television programme on the same date in New Zealand. It was on TV1, on Q+A with Jack Tame, being an interview of a Mr. Todd Muller, the new opposition party (National Party) leader in New Zealand.

After what I had thought a severe, relentless hammering, Mr Muller was asked by the interviewer, …”No one in your top twelve is Maori.  Why is that?”, in a very accusing manner.  And to me, it just stank of racism and other things, and I found it very awkward to handle.  I am sure when people wake up and look back, they will see the enormity of how low and ill-mannered this type of interview has stooped, and maybe even feel embarrassed to what degree we had become acceptable of it.

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GaryWords 01 – Introduction

Video is 11 minutes 37 seconds duration

Just a brief chat, skipping quickly over several of the subjects I would expect to do vlogs on at a later stage, and an introduction of myself, and a bit about my rural lifestyle. Very briefly expressing my thoughts on  New Zealand politics and Mr Trump. Mentioning things that are of concern in the world. Giving brief thoughts on the stupidity of the talk on a younger voting age in New Zealand, and of how there is little or no wisdom in going in that direction. Suggest the 41 year-old minimum voting age. Of how the Americans, fed up with warring all the time, have the political change they desired. Of how there being no racism in New Zealand prior to 1840 Treaty, and without foreign missionaries all Maori may likely have been exterminated. Touching on the law – being rid of it, and of how the current political realm will dissolve into the past.