GaryWords 04 – Watching Mr Trump

The following is a compiled from words spoken in the
8 minute 25 second vlog ‘Watching Mr. Trump‘.

In early 2015 I read Donald Trumps book ‘The Art of the Deal‘, which had been written some 25 years earlier.  Now this was before the last United States election, and it became quite apparent from the book that he was not racial at all. Of course since then the news media has pumped the man up to be something quite different than what he is in many areas.

At the same time it was becoming apparent that the United States was desperately wanting a change in political direction, a big change of direction. And I think that’s where Mr Trump fits in, because he doesn’t bow down a lot to others once his direction is determined.  It is unusual for a president not to have been deeply involved in the army or politics prior to his appointment, but what is more interesting, is that he is still very much of the same nature portrayed of himself in the book.

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