A Chronological List of some Books and other References

[The terms used here and the wording of the book titles will be new to most readers, but keep on reading and as the reader will realize that although the topics are of past events, they are relevant in that much of the content shows the path to the condition in which we find the Earth and world today.]

The books below are listed close to the order that they became available to me during the past 30 years or so, inspiring in that time and now. There were three books that first quickened to me: Continue reading


Doctrine and Philosophy

Some expression of the thought behind these (www.oneonly.co.nz) pages is necessary, for even though there is a significant maturing between what was written months or years ago and today, the underlying principles are the same. So there is a doctrine. Continue reading


Dictionary Reference to the Word ‘Maori’

This page is as a reference to the posts on Discovering Maori. The following is the definition of the word ‘māori’ as found in: Continue reading