Cloud Aotearoa – 20th Century

Many years ago I had read of a man, who in December 1962 had spoken of a vision of a ‘constellation of angels’,  ‘... I can just see them with their heads kind of turned sideways and those wings tipped back, full armoured, and here they come. Wheeew, like that.  Just come right down and took me right into this pyramid of a constellation of them.’  Now that initially seems to be meaningless words, but he mentioned and elaborated upon his vision often over the next few months, and then in 1963 the event happened, and upon that his words had become prophecy, as they had become fulfilled. The ‘Cloud’ formed by the angels  was photographed from different locations in Arizona U.S.A.

Now this blog is about Aotearoa – which means ‘long white cloud’, and is also the Maori name referring to either the whole of, or the North Island, of New Zealand; and I am not departing from that theme, but it is necessary to grasp a little of this event in 1963 so that understanding becomes clear as to what had occurred in New Zealand in earlier years in the 19th Century.

So upon this Cloud advent, I queried a few ‘Christian’ acquaintances, and was immediately told, in no uncertain terms, even once with some violence, to stay away from that man! That to me, was like as red rag is to a bull, and it made me even more determined. So at the earliest opportunity I drove some hours to the Auckland Library and copied photographs from Science Magazine (19 April 1963), and Life Magazine (17 May 1963). It was real.

Even as of today, I have never personally heard it mentioned by anyone that there are 94 paragraphs in the King James Bible that mention the word ‘cloud’; singular – one cloud! (Has this been closed to our understanding until now?). With wordings like, ‘Who are these that fly as a cloud …?’; ‘… he led them with a cloud, …’;  ‘And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; …’; and, ‘… he was taken up, and a cloud received him out of their sight … this same Jesus shall so come in like manner.’  There are people in this cloud, this dimension!

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1963 cloud formd by angels

‘A High Cloud Ring of Mystery’ Life Magazine May 17 1963. 26 miles high and 30 miles across

Although we know what it is, there is still no ‘scientific’ explanation for the cloud, and there never will be, as it is from that 6th and 7th dimension where science can not enter. Many intellectuals and religious peoples try to explain it away as something else, but then there are those that treasure the significance of it with great joy. The Cloud is not now ‘back there’ in time, but here today, because It is the same heavenly dimension in which a believer is seated right at this moment.

Coinciding also at that time with the ministry of the prophet William Branham (the man that had prophesied the Cloud), there was another great event taking place which is highly significant to placing our New Zealand story. The prophet had laid out neatly the history of the past 1900 years, and it was becoming obvious his was the ‘voice’ that all Christendom and the world was waiting for, for ‘…in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets’ (Rev. 10:7).  Opening the Scriptures, he placed the angels, the messengers or spokespersons for each of the ‘ages’ in that 1900 year period, into their respective order.

This was probably a little easier for me to grasp than some, because at boring (for me anyway) old boarding school I think history was compulsory, but amongst the teaching was given the path of the ‘reformers’, through Europe and Great Britain in the late middle ages; and of course to any historian, names like Martin Luther, John and Charles Wesley, were not uncommon, as there were major events happening in the world and religious systems, coinciding with the Spiritual awakening caused by new understanding introduced by these reformers or messengers.

Now the actual spiritual natures of these men (and women); and there were thousands more in each age but generally only one obvious or major leader; and how they would think and act; what some of them had suffered, and also the reasons for the past political and religious wars on the Earth, was being ‘revealed’. So with that understanding we are now able to bring ourselves back to our land of Aotearoa to follow the story in the next post.

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In countries that experienced colonialism, as did New Zealand, history does not generally fall into a neat order of comprehension for most because the natural mind (schools – education) can only give a glossed over account without real understanding, so in some quarters an unhealthy racial intolerance develops. There is a good article at worth reading showing the battle and vast differences between the 5th and 6th dimensions acting themselves out within the European arrivals.

The most advanced preaching to be found today of the Cloud is under the ‘Significance of the Cloud’ audio messages here (opens new window – not this website).