Cloud Aotearoa – Spiritual Awakening and Dimensions

This 2nd post in the Cloud Aotearoa blog, is necessary before moving on with the Cloud phenomenon.

Seven Dimensions
There are seven Dimensions at this level of comprehension; Light (Space), Matter (our flesh is matter), and Time, the three that Mr. Einstein described. Science (which includes the radio/T.V./Wi-Fi, voice) is the fourth dimension. Fifth is the human spirit, and the Sixth is that part of the One Eternal Being that dwells in me and you, which becomes visible in the form of the Cloud, Pillar of Fire (etc.), and then the Seventh of course our object of worship, the intelligence of God.  It does not take much thought to realise that we are subject to, or LIVING IN ALL OF THEM NOW, although not all are visible to the naked eye. They are here, through you, around you, and you in them.

Without some awareness of these dimensions (and they are nothing new – they have always been here), Cloud Aotearoa could never have been written, nor made any sense of; for a reader of the post may quite logically have thought, ‘How preposterous it is that the same cloud could be in different countries with different people, thousands of years apart!’.

After many years of reading history and piecing together family genealogy I would often find writings that showed a deeper story which seemed to keep me wanting to find more of an answer, but it was always in that ‘somewhere else’ place. ‘What was I searching for?  What was I really doing? Or is it all vanity?’

When the answer unfolded, it was very contrary to what was expected, and it happened at the same time the reality of the dimensions was opening up.  It is the 6th dimension, the Eternal Spirit in a person (and not the human spirit), that is witnessing with Its role, and in the words It had spoken in other generations. In that very same manner, this same One Cloud appears and speaks throughout time.

Spiritual Awakening
The natural earthly man, our personal earthly spirit, is very much a time-bound thinker, and for a person to recognise fully the dimensional implications of Cloud Aotearoa, there would have to be a resurrection within them of and from the sixth dimension. Our earth man or spirit (5th dimension) can be well educated, intellectual, clever, etc.; and yet Scripture says it is opposed to or hates (is at ‘enmity with’) our 6th dimensional Man.

Two spirits in the same flesh body, with a personal Armageddon between the two! That is the true Armageddon, our personal battle with ‘God’; and yet our earth mind would rather take us away from that recognition and make Armageddon a future time event, to stop us realising who we really are, and to fear the future which does not exist today.

We can never engineer being ‘born again’, no matter how qualified or religious we pretend to be. Awareness can be as a young child or when we are a ninety year old. We have no earthly control, and until it happens it would be hard not to display in word or deed, actions that we were unhappy about. An understanding of the seven dimensions is important in understanding the complexity of what is going on in this flesh; of understanding ourselves.

Some readers may ask, ‘Will I ever be born again?’ Well, what or Who  has you reading this?

Terminology is another area our human spirit tries to complicate and trip us up on. Do you recall the religious groups, or the time when people would say, ‘You must get in the spirit (brother)’, or use the word ‘wairua’ in the same manner or with fearful connotations if you did not comply? That spirit or wairua is just simply your or my own human spirit; you, me, no big deal at all. It is the Wairua Tapu, the Holy Spirit that is the One and Only God that dwells in me and you that deserves worship. I emphasise ‘One’ and ‘Only’ because the earthly mind again, tries to put words referring to the 6th and 7th dimension into separate entities, whereas they are all just One; Holy Spirit, Wairua Tapu, Jesus Christ, Word Man, Inner Man, Theophany, Word Body, and others, is all the same One Eternal Being and Person, Christ in you. The full reality of that could not have been achieved without a significant appearance of the Cloud again.