Cloud Aoteroa – 19th Century

A New Zealand Time Frame (‘time’ = 3rd Dimension)
Continued from Cloud Aotearoa – 20th Century)
Three years before the 1963 Cloud appearance, the prophet (William Branham) laid out clearly what has become known as the Seven Church ‘Ages’, which are given in the table below. At that point it became possible to place all of New Zealand history into a Biblical time-frame.  The seven men, referred to as messengers or angels in the book of Revelation are shown with their respective ‘age’. The ages are named after places that existed 2000 years ago, and cover the period of time, in sequence, up until 1956.

The Second Coming Period, Divided into Seven ‘Church Ages’.
‘..The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches.’ (Rev 1:20)
Ephesus   (Rev 2:1-7) 53-170 A.D. Paul  (About AD 5 – AD 67)
Smyrna   (Rev 2:8-11) 170 – 312 A.D. Irenaeus (About 130 – 202)
Pergamos   (Rev 2:12-17) 312 – 616 A.D. Martin (315 – 399)
Thyatira   (Rev 2:12-29) 606 -1520 A.D. Columba (521 – 597)
Sardis   (Rev 3:1-6) 1520 – 1750 A.D. Martin Luther (1483 – 1546)
Philadelphia   (Rev 3:7-13) 1750 – 1906 A.D. John Wesley (1703 – 1791)
Laodicea   (Rev 3:14-22) 1906 – 1956 A.D. William Branham (1909 – 1965)

The messengers are referred to as ‘eyes’ (seers or prophets), and it is under the age or influence of John Wesley that the Europeans arrived here. The Maori that were Supernaturally aware were known to have been waiting for an understanding to unfold, and identified readily with the same Spirit of those in the Mission Societies of that time period. Any older established religion (they admitted) could only obtain intellectual followers rather than true Spiritual, for the  Life had moved on up into the then new Philadelphian age.

The Spiritual Differences – (5th and 6th Dimensions)
Within the time frame above, there is a history of religious wars, bloodshed, and events associated with the advancement of civilization. To comprehend more easily the order of these events, it is necessary to overlay an understanding of the natures of the two opposing spirits that rode side by side through that same period. The first of these is Christ, represented in the book of Revelation by the symbols of Lion, Ox, Face of a Man, and a Flying Eagle; and the second is the Anti-Christ, represented by the horse that changed colours – from white, to red, to black, then pale; the changing symbols being representative of the change in roles, from one stage to the next. This understanding was revealed by the seventh messenger, William Branham, and more importantly pertains to our individual personal walk while in our own flesh, but this page is using the chronological order.

Up until the year 1800, it is documented that some 68 million people, mostly Protestants, were murdered by the Roman religious and political ‘system’ for beliefs or heresies against their doctrine; but when it came to New Zealand, and although opposition was clearly and more openly expressed, imprisonment and murder for the same supposed ‘offenses’ had given away to accusations, defamation and lies, aimed towards the more prominent of pioneer Europeans, Maori and other, who were opposing the motives and methods of the developing ‘system’. ‘Treason to the Crown’1, and treachery to ‘the suffering and complaining natives’, and ‘land grabbing’, were applied to one prominent missionary and his family, accusations that sadly still linger today in some quarters; whereas it was the accusers themselves that were the guilty ones, as history has proven. In fact, if it were not for the actions of these few that stood against this onslaught, few if any Maori would exist today.

The influence that was given those who stood against the corrupt motives of many of the so called ‘developers’, was from the Cloud; that same dimension that is always present, and which is also the source of the understanding given of the symbols mentioned above. When the mystery of the ‘Seven Seals’ was revealed in 1963, we learned that under the Second Seal (Revelation Chapter 6 Verse 4), that that beast was an ox, being a beast of sacrifice, the nature of which was given to those that went to the slaughter through the dark ages under the opposing horse, ‘..that was red [blood]: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another.’. Then after that era, which had lasted for about a thousand years, there was the change to the third Seal (Rev 6:5), and the nature upon the true believers was then that of a Man, with the shrewdness and brilliance of God, sent out in the great missionary age to combat those of the opposing black horse, who would have otherwise done anything they could to satisfy their love and greed for money and control, which is what we have witnessed in New Zealand, and is touched upon in the previous paragraph.

Then the 20th Century ushered in the luke-warm ‘Laodicean’ or Pentecostal age which began in 1906, to which the 7th messenger or final prophet to the whole seven ages (a 1900 year period) was sent. Without the revelation of the Seven Seals, and the associated appearance of the Cloud in 1963, none of the above could have been expressed. The strength of the battle in New Zealand is well documented and interesting reading, but should not be read as being an argument between race, as that is as though a red-herring to detract from the real play.

If one can perceive the full reality of there being One God or Truth (and our old worldly or Trinitarian mind can find it very hard to do so), it must be accepted that even when mentioning opposing entities, for instance that of Christ and Antichrist, or Christian religions and Muslim, that it still does not make more than One God, for Truth is not based upon intellectual camps, nor race or culture, and not even upon right or wrong.

1 The Life of Henry Williams, Archdeacon of Waimate. By Hugh Carleton 1874. Page 9.