Discovering Maori – An Ordinary Man

In the introduction it was shown that the original word māori (as an adjective) referred to being normal, usual, or ordinary; tangata māori being a normal Earthly man or human being as opposed to a Supernatural being. The word had no racial connotations as we know it today, and the ‘name’ Māori appears never to have been used for the descendants of the earlier natives or aborigines until the late 1840’s, some 200 years after the European contact by Abel Tasman in 1642!

Our mind-set of today is so very different in spirit to that of the early natives that I am a little reluctant to use the word ‘Maori’ (as a noun) for them at the same time as referring to recent descendants as being Maori. This is because we have just come through 300 years of a period in which humankind was categorised into divisions called ‘races’, these divisions having been then promoted and manipulated at the expense of many for the purpose of power, economic or other gain. Today it appears that that phase or era may be coming to an end, one way or the other.

The term ‘race’ appears never to have been heard of in Europe until in the 17th century, and then with the later onset of the Industrial Age and spread of Colonialism (and Capitalism) the idea rapidly spread around the Earth. The awakened New Zealand aborigines accepted this spirit (thought) readily as did other peoples; the division by race for the purpose of greed, persecution, and every devious thing imaginable, having no cultural or ethnic barriers. By division of the ONE human race, humankind has programmed itself into a racialism that it could not in itself intellectually let go of.

In becoming aware of this change in spirit and considering the manner that ‘maori’ was used prior to that change, it is easier to comprehend that the original understanding of ‘maori’ would have encompassed all aboriginals regardless of ethnic origin, however during the past few centuries this has become hard to perceive. When researching New Zealand history from a racial perspective (possibly our normal state of mind today), in an endeavor to discover if there were an earlier ‘race’ of people (Spanish, Celt, etc. – there are many contenders), in New Zealand a thousand years or more ago, it is (obviously) very hard, or maybe even impossible to determine a clear answer. However to approach the research with the knowledge that there is ONE only human race, the outcome is surprisingly different.

In reality (the Supernatural side of us), racial just does not exist; and once we realise that the racial invention is merely continued on by or spurned on by the normal (maori) Earthly human desires for greed, pre-eminence or such; then we leave that human-made hell behind. The likes of media (for financial reward), politics and even religion continue it by appealing to the Earthly mind using the same old divide-and-rule principle in its varying forms.

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