Doctrine and Philosophy

Some expression of the thought behind these ( pages is necessary, for even though there is a significant maturing between what was written months or years ago and today, the underlying principles are the same. So there is a doctrine.

I am growing continually, or being raptured in understanding all the time. The thought used to be that ‘being raptured’ was to be physically exported to somewhere in outer-space at some time in the future. Of course how silly that was, for now I (am a little embarrassed to) admit that my rapture is Spiritual and within me – the change is from within. So as the nature of my Earthly (human being / tangata māori) spirit changes to a more Spiritual realisation, my soul changes. The ‘soul’ being the nature of my spirit – the old soul dies / changes. So none of this is happening outside of me, and the rapture is not a future time event.

So this Doctrine page is important. An example is the change of understanding shown in the paragraph above. This page of course (even the whole website) is written from the perspective of there being both carnal (Earthly) and Spiritual (Supernatural) dwelling in the same flesh. Trying to explain to another person’s intellectual that their other more-real Being or Self also is living within them I think is nearly an impossibility, because that Earthly mind can not perceive the Kingdom of God until it gets, . . . anyway – that is what revelation is about.

Skin colour and ethnic background has absolutely nothing to do with the real unseen picture; take the skin colour and ethnic background away and all are in the same boat or waka.  Māori / Pākeha, political or religious argument or division is all dying and dead, and the real Life is moving on. (Keep worshiping and building temples to multiple god’s on shaky grounds, and watch what happens).

There is One God! (And that is really the one only law or doctrine). It is One Being, Person, Place, Condition etc. Everything is in, under or encompassed by that One, …One Author.  Nowhere in Scripture does it mention to worship a ‘Holy Trinity’;  I am a father, a son, a husband, but I have one name. ‘Holy Spirit’ and ‘Wairua Tapu’ say the same thing – it does not make two gods just because it is spoken in different languages.

There is One only human race! It encompasses all humans on the Earth with all their differences, but at the same time it is a contrary and devastating concept to believe that ‘we are all the same’ or that ‘we are all one’.

We are NOT all the same! It is not even written Scripturally that we are! It is the fallen nature of our human spirit that tries to say we are all one and uses it with the wrong intent. And of course we are not all created equal, and we know that. The term “All men are created equal” first appeared in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, and mankind being what it is, …anyway, we are all different.

[This page will be completed bit by bit, but is inserted here to keep it in the right order with other posts]

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