GaryWords 02 – May 25th 2020

This YouTube vlog I have named May 25th 2020 because an event in New Zealand certainly connects it to other events world-wide.  It was a memorable event in my own life, and I expect in many others, and began when I was watching a live television programme on the same date in New Zealand. It was on TV1, on Q+A with Jack Tame, being an interview of a Mr. Todd Muller, the new opposition party (National Party) leader in New Zealand.

After what I had thought a severe, relentless hammering, Mr Muller was asked by the interviewer, …”No one in your top twelve is Maori.  Why is that?”, in a very accusing manner.  And to me, it just stank of racism and other things, and I found it very awkward to handle.  I am sure when people wake up and look back, they will see the enormity of how low and ill-mannered this type of interview has stooped, and maybe even feel embarrassed to what degree we had become acceptable of it.

Anyway, that began an unusually disturbed, sleepless night for me, and during that time, on the 25th in the United States, was when Mr. George Floyd had his episode, and gave his life.

Maybe George Floyd didn’t know it then, but he did give his life in the advancement of humanity, and he will see the importance of the role now.  Anyway, I was so upset that I sent a text to a radio station when they were having a talk-back, saying that the manner of the interview was going to set alight a whole lot of racial carry-on. 

The vlog says it with maybe more meaning, and mentions briefly the political influence of news media role, and gives an understanding of the word ‘maori’, its original meaning  and how it should be considered.

(Bird noises are of the New Zealand Tui in the background while videoing)

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