The World Has Ended

Dear Reader,  The end of the world does not mean the end of the Earth! When checking out the origins of the phrase it is found that the end of the world refers to the (well needed) annihilation of the current political, religious and demonic systems that man has introduced upon the Earth, so it refers to the the end of that type of ‘world’.

 The Earth, which is the globe or planet that we live on, and the material our bodies are made out of, cannot end. It may change, but those changes will bring a restoration. How that fully occurs I am not sure, but the present earthquake sequences appear to be bringing the Earth into an upright position, as in a restoration or resurrection which is a part of the process. How about your personal bit of Earth?

Political and religious worlds have ended many times before, with whole thinking patterns changing, or even just being forgotten about; Continue reading


Words Along the Way

Hi there – This Website is simply an expression of the circumstances about me as I see them, influenced of course by the path in life that has brought me this far.

I am not academically qualified in any field, and belong to no political party or religious camp, nor am under the employ of any person; and that makes me more able to explore as I am led and gives the freedom to express accordingly without limitation.

The remainder of the page below is the original ‘Home Page’, and it remains the same content to give some idea of what was happening when the site began.

Something has happened!

The last age is past, the Zodiac has changed, and planets are doing interesting things. The Earth and the old world (Earth and world are different) are in an upheaval, and we are living here, watching it unfold and play itself out.

On one side there is fear of the future, and on the other, a tremendous solace and comfort in words and in their understanding. Words which take us to that inner Place, where we are lifted above the trees and are able to see the wood (forest) for what it is; raptured to view the story of our life, of a Master plan , and who we really are as individuals.

We realise our way could have been quite different if our words had spoken another path (‘Oh? We speak our future?’); and we witness with words spoken by others from past ages as though they are here. We learn from the past, and yet to still live in it, we allow it to be a thief that steals us away from who we really are.

A liar promises the future, (you and I have had no problems doing that); and yet words that are real from within are speaking. So the future is also a thief that steals away from who I am. Without fear, I am here now; and if I look away from myself, I am lost.


The first post (blog) on the website is a statement entitled The World has Ended, and strange as it may initially sound, you will soon begin to see that it has, and that somehow, new understanding has lifted us into a higher place.

Then follows a story through time, expressed in the posts on Cloud Aotearoa, and I believe it to be very apt timing, for the world is busy in its scurry, naming anything, it seems, as ‘cloud’ (Even the list of ‘tags’ in the right column is called a ‘tag cloud). There must of course be the source of that influence originating in a Supernatural dimension, as that is always very evident with words that are in vogue at any time.

So please read on with a gentle attitude, and if there is something you do not understand, then expect it to unfold at the appropriate time.