The World Has Ended

Dear Reader,  The end of the world does not mean the end of the Earth! When checking out the origins of the phrase it is found that the end of the world refers to the (well needed) annihilation of the current political, religious and demonic systems that man has introduced upon the Earth, so it refers to the the end of that type of ‘world’.

 The Earth, which is the globe or planet that we live on, and the material our bodies are made out of, cannot end. It may change, but those changes will bring a restoration. How that fully occurs I am not sure, but the present earthquake sequences appear to be bringing the Earth into an upright position, as in a restoration or resurrection which is a part of the process. How about your personal bit of Earth?

Political and religious worlds have ended many times before, with whole thinking patterns changing, or even just being forgotten about;  ..God ‘..spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly’. Now that was about 4,000 years ago, and the Earth still remains.

A destruction of the old world again happened 2000 years ago and yet the Earth remains, and the same is happening now. We only need to watch the turmoil in politics, the exposure of the financial scams, the destructive content of the filth and greed of much commerce, the rejection of the Truth by intellectual religions, and all the other happenings about us, to realise we are witnessing the falling apart of, or death throes of, the old system. And it will not be political systems that replace it either.

 Ends of the world have coincided with changes in the real Zodiac, and recently the Earth has just entered into Aquarius. A quote from Wikipedia; ‘..the ages are usually neatly aligned so that the Aries age is found from 2000 BC [Noah] to 1 AD, Pisces age 1 AD [Jesus] to 2000 AD, the Aquarian age 2000 AD – 4000 AD, and so on.‘ So there is a continuation, and we are entering a very exciting period.

 You will note that it is ‘ages’ or ‘periods’ of time we are dealing with. It is the human mind that is the big deceiver, and generally puts the ‘second coming’ as a future time event, when  it is an already completed time period. It was a period of about 2000 years in which the resurrected Christ (Spirit) dwelt in His believers beginning in what is referred to as the ‘upper room experience’.  We are now not living in that time period. We are past the denominational days built around Rome, Martin Luther, John Wesley, and others, and have even come past the ministry of William Branham who brought the understanding or revelation of the past 2000 years to the Earth, and who introduced the beginning of the 3rd coming; more than just a time period, with a greater reality of ‘Eternity blending into time’.

 There are Christian websites that talk of the ‘end of the world’. They all seem to assume in error that the world is the Earth, and offer ways to salvation, and yet the resurrection and salvation is already a finished work and one only has to believe it, despite what our time machine mind tells us; and then watch what unfolds. There is nothing to buy nor to join.

…This blog was written because during June 2012, three separate church goers (not sure what churches – but they were certainly still searching), on different occasions asked what I thought of the end of the world. Heh, maybe they wanted to convert me!

[‘Earth’ with a capital ‘E’, as it is the name of a planet – (we always spell Mars or Jupiter starting in upper case).]

On viewing this page since first publishing it, I realise that it is a statement in itself, and that the following posts on Cloud Aotearoa are actually explanations leading to the understanding of the contents above.

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