GaryWords 04 – Watching Mr Trump

The following is a compiled from words spoken in the
8 minute 25 second vlog ‘Watching Mr. Trump‘.

In early 2015 I read Donald Trumps book ‘The Art of the Deal‘, which had been written some 25 years earlier.  Now this was before the last United States election, and it became quite apparent from the book that he was not racial at all. Of course since then the news media has pumped the man up to be something quite different than what he is in many areas.

At the same time it was becoming apparent that the United States was desperately wanting a change in political direction, a big change of direction. And I think that’s where Mr Trump fits in, because he doesn’t bow down a lot to others once his direction is determined.  It is unusual for a president not to have been deeply involved in the army or politics prior to his appointment, but what is more interesting, is that he is still very much of the same nature portrayed of himself in the book.

So he is an absolutely independent fellow.  I look at all the nonsense that is thrown at him and I think of the verse that talks of a person who takes up serpents and won’t be harmed by them. Well, I think that a lying spirit is a serpent, and all the things that Mr. Trump gets accused of …I look at all the serpents being thrown at him, and yet he just sort of throws them off and marches on, but that’s Donald Trump.  He also comes at a time when the whole Earth is changing.  Apparently the frequency of the Earth is increasing and we are also changing from the old Pisces age of the last 2000 year period, into the new Aquarian period.  So things are going to be very, very different.

I see also the story of the historic King David, and he had an on-the-side lover named Bathsheba.  And Bathsheba’s husband was out at war, David taking advantage of the situation and having his way with her during the husbands absence. When the husband came back home on leave, he would not go and sleep with his wife, but instead went and kept guard at King David’s gateway. That must have upset David so much, because how else could he explain away the fact that Bathsheba had got pregnant? Anyway, when Bathsheba’s husband went back into the war, David told his army chiefs to put the husband at the battlefront so that he would be killed, which is what happened. 

Now I don’t know what else King David did, but I don’t think he was probably a very nice character at all in one sense, …and yet the Bible did call him a man after God’s own heart! I also understand that if a person is true to themselves, they are a godly person.

Most people will bow down to get a bit of money here and there, or to get a better job or position, but Mr Trump doesn’t need to do that, and with his manner I think he is absolutely ideal to bring on the necessary change.

We have entered into this Aquarian age, and there is another thing I noticed about Donald Trump, and that is that is he is an Air Element. I had to look that up as I didn’t know as I didn’t know what it meant. There are four Elements; Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and they each have three Birth Signs, …each one has three of the twelve Birth Signs. The Air Element, which is what we are in now, contains Aquarius, Gemini and Libra, …I’m a Libra so I can probably see these things a little bit better.  When I see a pattern in things, I stick to it.

I don’t understand the Zodiac much, but I can recognise a pattern.  When you look at these Elements, and you look at the leaders and what is happening on the Earth, you should look at the STORY. Don’t look at Mr. Trump necessarily, …but look at the Story.

Now if you look at the leaders of countries that are born under the Air Element with those three Birth Signs, and consider the population of people they control, and the area of land mass involved, then there becomes no doubt that what is happening in the United States with Mr. Trump, is more in order and happening for a purpose. I don’t even know if he realises this himself, as it becomes obvious that there is no conspiracy.

Anyway, in the Air Element you’ve have the leaders, …presidents and prime ministers. And here is some idea of some of those.  You’ve got the United States with Mr Trump, …there is also Mike Pence who is vice president and he is also an Air Element.  …there are the leaders of China, Russia, England …Theresa May was there at the time I took these notes a few years ago. She was replaced by Boris Johnson, and he is also an Air Element.

Then you have also Israel, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Gambia, …there must be more. I haven’t looked at them all, … Whatever is happening out there to me is bang-on.

And I think secretly in our own hearts, we realise that Mr. Trump is a man after our own heart as well, whether we like him or not. He is like a man after God’s own heart …I think humanity is God anyway.

So, look, there you have it. Don’t complain, and watch the Story. It’s wonderful!     🙂

YouTube video of Watching Mr. Trump:–6OpzR0Zg 8min. 25sec.

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